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Eligibility Criteria

(1) Women with Indian citizenship
(2) Minimum Essential Qualification: Master of Science; Bachelors in Engineering/Technology or equivalent.
(3) Age : Minimum 25 years; Maximum 45 years as on 31-03-2023

Note : 1) Women in permanent position are not eligible to apply 2) Those who have already undergone training (partially or fully) in any of the earlier batches or those who are undergoing training in the ongoing batch are not eligible to apply.


(a) Proficient in handling computerized database, collection, collation, analysis and report preparation.
(b) Basic understanding of various IPR aspects & issues with logical aptitude towards scientific developments across the world. Experience in research, preparation of project reports, term papers and similar activities.

Sno. Subject Areas Number of Seats
1. Chemistry & Chemical Sciences 22
2. Drugs, Food & Pharma 10
3. Life Sciences & Biotechnology 15
4. Mechanical, Production, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engg, Structural Engg, Construction Engg, Transportation Engg, Materials Science Engg 08
5. Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Biomedical Engineering 25
6. Computers & Information & Communication Technology 15
7. Other Areas (Only Science Related Subjects) 05
  Total 100
Separate merit lists are drawn for all the categories as mentioned above. If the subject area of the candidates applying in the category OTHERS falls in any of the subjects mentioned from 1-6, then the candidate will be shifted to that stream for the purpose of merit. Subject-wise seat allocation is tentative only. 

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