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Coordination Centres:

Coordination Centres are those centres to which the candidates will be attached for training and other administrative purposes. The candidate will be placed for on the job training in and around the Coordination Centre selected by the candidate. These Coordination Centres are at Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune , Kharagpur and Guwahati.

PFC is the nodal office having the overall responsibility of implementing the WISE Internship in IPR throughout the country including training of selected candidates.

Examination Centres:

Examination Centres are those centres which the candidate has to choose only for appearing in the examination. A candidate while filling the online form will have the option to choose three cities in order of preference where she can appear for the exam. Examination Centres are of two types :

1) Floating Centre
2) Fixed Centre

First two choices include both Fixed and Floating Centres and the third choice is for Fixed Centre only.
A fixed centre is that centre where exam will be held definitely. Choosing a centre from the fixed centre is mandatory.

Floating centre is that centre where examination may or may not be held based on the feasibility of conducting the examination in that city.

The list of Fixed and Floating centres is given below :

Fixed Centres:

 1.  Ahemdabad
 2.  Bengaluru
 3.  Bhuvaneshwar
 4.  Chennai
 5.  Delhi
 6.  Guwahati
 7.  Hyderabad
 8.  Kolkata
 9.  Lucknow
 10.  Mumbai
 11.  Nagpur
 12.  Patna
 13.  PortBlair
 14.  Pune
 15.  Thiruvananthapuram

Floating Centres:

 1.  Agartala
 2.  Agra
 3.  Bhagalpur
 4.  Bhilai
 5.  Bhopal
 6.  Chandigarh
 7.  Darbhanga
 8.  Dehradun
 9.  Gangtok
 10.  Gorakhpur
 11.  Hissar
 12.  Indore
 13.  Jabalpur
 14.  Jaipur
 15.  Jamnagar
 16.  Jodhpur
 17.  Kharagpur
 18.  Kochi
 19.  Manipal
 20.  Panaji
 21.  Prayagraj
 22.  Raipur
 23.  Rajkot
 24.  Ranchi
 25.  Shimla
 26.  Siliguri
 27.  Srinagar
 28.  Surat
 29.  Vijaywada
 30.  Vishakapatnam

*Note : TIFAC reserves all the rights to change the examination centre at any given point before the exam.


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